Welcome to the Art of Assessing People Introductory Course. Much like the Introduction to TrueWiring Instruments course, the bulk of the content for this course is recorded in six videos with Greg Wiens and Jeannette Flynn. We’ll also provide notes and quizzes for each module to help reinforce key concepts. However, this is a much deeper dive into the art of assessing people. This course is not designed for the casual observer. Instead, you’re going to learn how to use the tools of seasoned assessors to strengthen your role as an assessor in your church context.

Nothing can replace experience, but experience without training can be dangerous. Seriously. If you’ve been serving in ministry for any length of time, you feel the weight of responsibility from those you serve. The same is true of reading and interpreting reports from these assessment instruments.

Please remember that this course is intended for your use to help you learn about TrueWiring Assessment instruments and the Art of Assessing people. Please read our Terms and Conditions if you have any questions.

Before you dive into the first video, take a moment and pray for wisdom. Greg and Jeannette have years of experience using a variety of assessment instruments to guide their process. I pray you’ll learn principles from this course that will guide you well and help you become a proficient artisan of the assessment process.