Spiritual Gifts with TrueWiring

This course is intended for those who want to focus on TrueWiring’s Spiritual Gifts Assessment instrument alone. Dr. Greg Wiens and Jeannette Flynn review the basic concepts behind this instrument, explain how certain gifts are grouped into themes to help you understand the results on your report, and consistently encourage you to examine your experience serving in your local church in light of your results. Throughout the course, Greg and Jeannette focus on how gifts are used to benefit the Body of Christ in your church with an emphasis on using your results to guide your journey rather than define your specific gifts.

To provide a complete understanding of Spiritual Gifts, we have published a 60-page eBook to accompany this course. The book is available for download in the first module of the course as either an EPUB or a Kindle MOBI file format depending on your choice of e-Readers. The book updates the Overview of Spiritual Gifts (available at Amazon) to include discussion about the three main themes of Spiritual Gifts.

Here’s a quick outline of the course: