Emotional Intelligence with TrueWiring Course

The TrueWiring Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQw) is an assessment of your developed skills in two domains: understanding your own emotions and those of others. This instrument identifies your ability to appropriately express your emotions while encouraging others to do the same. There is a huge wave of interest in this topic in contemporary literature, but […]

Spiritual Gifts with TrueWiring Course

This course is intended for those who want to focus on TrueWiring’s Spiritual Gifts Assessment instrument alone. Dr. Greg Wiens and Jeannette Flynn review the basic concepts behind this instrument, explain how certain gifts are grouped into themes to help you understand the results on your report, and consistently encourage you to examine your experience […]

Introduction to the Art of Assessing People

We’ve created this more advanced course for those who have completed the Introduction to TrueWiring Instruments that want to learn about the assessment process. Like the Introduction to TrueWiring Instruments course, this course also contains 7 modules with a video, details for discussion, and a short quiz to help you solidify your learning experience. The […]

Introduction to the TrueWiring Instruments

The bulk of the content for this course is recorded in six videos with Greg Wiens and Jeannette Flynn followed by some review notes and quizzes for each module to help reinforce key concepts. This course is designed for those who have taken the suite of instruments and want to learn more about what they […]