Emotional Intelligence with TrueWiring Course

The TrueWiring Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQw) is an assessment of your developed skills in two domains: understanding your own emotions and those of others. This instrument identifies your ability to appropriately express your emotions while encouraging others to do the same. There is a huge wave of interest in this topic in contemporary literature, but this is not new!

Since EQ is such an important topic, we've built a short course to help you understand how to use our assessment instrument, how to read and understand the numbers reported for each scale, some of the dangers, and ultimately, how effective EQ can help leaders improve.

The course is built around 6 short videos to isolate each particular concept.

Module 1 Introduction to EQ
Lesson 1 Video - Introduction  - Preview
Lesson 2 Key points
Module 2 Understanding Scores
Lesson 1 Video - Understanding Scores
Lesson 2 Key points
Module 3 EQ Scales
Lesson 1 Video - EQ Scales
Lesson 2 Key points
Module 4 EQ for Leaders
Lesson 1 Video - EQ for Leaders
Lesson 2 Key points
Module 5 Dangers of EQ
Lesson 1 Video - Dangers of EQ
Lesson 2 Key points
Module 6 EQ Conclusion
Lesson 1 Video - EQ Conclusion
Lesson 2 Key points & Quiz
Module 7 Course Feedback
Lesson 1 Feedback